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GM Victor Moore, founder of the Traditional World Karate Association, is a pioneer of martial arts in the USA. Vic grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio in the rough part of town. Although it was a rough neighborhood, Vic didn't succumb to the snares of the streets thanks to a loving but strict father, and self discipline that Vic mastered at a young age. Vic Moore was an extraordinary athlete in school, not only being a physical type of guy, but able to think quickly and perform under pressure. Vic incorporated these attributes into his life's passion, Karate, in which he went on to be a 4 time World Karate Champion. This was karate competition back when there was full contact and no weight divisions, you were struck, you bled, things got knocked out of place. Victor Moore had the raw talent, discipline, and determination also some of the best instructors. His instructors included: Ronald "The Grave Digger" Williams, Harvey Eubanks, William Dometrich, Jim Wax, Maung Gyi, and Robert Trias. Vic went on to train others that became World Champions and inspired many to excel in karate. Vic Moore fought all of the greats of that era such as Chuck Norris and Jim Harrison. Vic handed karate great Mike Stone his first defeat as a black belt, after Stone's 91 straight victories. Vic defeated the late great Joe Lewis to become the 1st USKA World Pro Karate Champion. Vic defeated Bill "Superfoot" Wallace, Jim Kelly and many other karate greats. Victor Moore accomplished a lot in his day considering that was a time of extreme racism. He was the World Champion  and the magazines would barely speak about him. There were times when the judges wouldn't count points that Vic and other African American fighters would score. Vic was even told, by the judges, before the match, that he WILL NOT BE WINING TODAY. Vic was not discouraged by these despicable actions, he just looked at it like he is just that damn good to where judges had to cheat him for 

fighters to beat him.


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